Dog Walkers Don’t Often Impress Me – But Can With This Simple Change In Their Behavior

When I was a kid I took aggressive pond lessons, as my mom was an Olympic Swimmer. One affair I consistently remembered is that there was a assurance at the ancillary of the basin which read; “We don’t bathe in your toilet, don’t pee in our pool.” If anyone was caught, they were warned already and the additional time asked to not anytime appear back. I anticipate that’s fair and a acute policy. Fast advanced today, and I see abounding of my adolescent citizens never got the message; it’s actionable to defecate on anyone else’s acreage and littering is carefully adjoin the law. Let’s allocution shall we?

Recently, I’ve noticed a lot of dog account accoutrements on my property, a bend lot in a able-bodied off neighborhood. Maybe you can advice me, you see, I don’t accept why on Earth anyone would go to the agitation to aces up their dog’s poop, yuk, alone to after bung the account bag assimilate anyone else’s yard? I beggarly if they are traveling to go to all that agitation to aces it up, and bag it, why not just abide their airing and bandy it in their own debris at home?

Let’s assay this for moment. Dog owners don’t wish to be apparent acceptance their dog to account after acrimonious it up. That allotment I get because at atomic in our adjacent city-limits it is the law; dogs on leash, aces up account aural the city-limits limits, so a lot of dog owners bind – acceptable for them. However, abounding alone delay until no one is searching and again bung it abaft a backcountry or in anyone else’s backyard – WTH affectionate of aborigine does that?

Now then, I am abiding the accomplished for ‘dog pooping’ after acrimonious it up is nominal, apparently a city-limits code, a lot of acceptable a admonishing aboriginal time, and a accomplished of beneath $100 (I know, I reside in CA, aggregate costs added actuality due to the aggrandized bureaucracy), whereas, the accomplished for littering is upwards of $600 to $1,500 depending on if it is befuddled from an auto or a tossed by a pedestrian. I’d like to let that bore in a moment for all you super-duper pooper scooper account baggers.

Next, I’d like to point out that a artificial bag takes time to adulteration in the environment, admitting dog applesauce decays about immediately, 2-3 weeks, at which point it just becomes allotment of the Earth and goes aback to nature. For God’s sakes anticipate about this, you’d be a abundant bigger abettor of the ambiance if you’d just acquiesce your dog to account abaft the backcountry of its best than to bandy your acclimated doogie account bag in someone’s bracken so they accept to aces it up. Or worse, some poor actionable conflicting mural agent who absolutely capital to body himself a bigger life, and not reside so far down the totem pole that his alone use to you is acrimonious up your appropriately bagged dog crap.

Sometimes I acquisition our bounded association (actually all of California) a little hypocritical, acting like timberline hugger environmentalists, cogent anybody abroad how to reside and in their ultimate affectation clutter the apple with their dog crap. Next time, I see anyone throwing their dog carrion on my property, I will breach accessible the bag apply it on their clothes (making abiding they yield it aback with them this time), and if they scream, I will advance we alarm the police, and again I will appeal they be fined for littering.